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Russian Rock
19 July 2014

Russian rock is my favorite music genre. Even I do not know why. Simply, it is closest to my heart. You find the best selection of Russian rock on my blog.

At the same time, foreign rock is also not deprived of my attention. You can also listen to favorite works of foreign rock bands that are dear to me.

Russian rock has received broad support in the media. "Radio Maximum" and "Nashe Radio", channel "O2TV”. I am very pleased that at "Nashe Radio", rock remains the smain genre.

With the advent of the Internet in our lives, it became even easier to listen and to download music. There are many Internet radio stations in the global network, there is the service Яндекс.Музыка, many communities in social networks, in addition, there are specialized social networks, for example Last fm. Annually, there are many festivals - "Invasion", "Cubana", "Baker’s dozen", etc. Rock will live forever, and Russian rock too!

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