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A Bit of History
18 July 2014

The origins of rock music began in the distant 50s in America. The second major advance in the development of this trend occurred in the early sixties. The initiators were famous bands such as «The Rolling Stones», «The Beatles», «The Troggs», «The Animals». Rock music of these brilliant performers became the personification of the controversial dissonance in the mood of youth, of their constant conflict with the generally accepted standards of morality and ethics. Rock is the music of protest and love. Rock is multifaceted and complex. The whole depth of rock poetry, for the most part, remains unclear to a crowd of informals.

One can study the history of rock music for a long time, while all the time listening to records of Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc., comparing modern texts with those of the "past" century, but it is unlikely that it will help him achieve the understanding of what it modern rock. What exactly has changed in all that time? Is there more energy, drive, poetic power? Or maybe all this has remained at the same level?

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