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In the glorious city of St. Petersburg lived a girl Nastya. She often walked on Bolshaya Konyushennaya, and went to school somewhere near Admiralteyskaya. One day she accidentally attended the concert of "Die Antwood" and literally fell in love with their music! At this concert, she met a guy who knew how to play the guitar, and on the way home they jokingly decided to create their own band. Returning home through the evening promenades and alleys, they were fantasizing about their own crew, colorfully decorated albums and recognition. Their evening chatter seemed no more than a game, prank. And suddenly after a week – a call. "Who?.. Pavel? Aaa, at the concert, yes, yes. What? I should come to our first rehearsal? Well I don’t even know how to sing? I have a good voice? You have already assembled a crew? Wow ... Well ok, I’ll come, good".

She was given a text and told to just sing about anything without thinking. And she sang. It turned out that the guys have already somehow tried to get together and create a group, but something was always missing. They could not understand what it was. And then Nastya appeared. And everything just fell into place.

About guys: Vlad - guitar, Semyon - drummer, Sanya - bass guitar and Pavel - trumpet. Last year they released their first album "Sand and Stone", which was a great success not only in Russia but also abroad.